Enjoy Loving Moments with Bongbong’s Bacolod Pasalubong Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

bongbong's piaya and barquillos macaroons

Bongbong’s Bacolod Pasalubong Valentine’s Day macaroons

Valentine’s Day 2015 is just around the corner and this might be right time to assemble a gift basket full of Bongbong’s Bacolod pasalubong products. It’s true! If you have been wondering about what to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day, this gift idea, along with a bouquet or box of flowers could just be what you need to brighten up their day! In fact, your 2015 Valentine’s Day moments could be more loving and enjoyable with a Bongbong’s Bacolod pasalubong gift basket. Continue reading


BongBong’s to Hold Parol-Making Contest (Open to All)

parol in philippines

In order to uphold and give reverence to the time honored tradition of Filipinos of making huge and beautiful Christmas lanterns, BongBong Villan Corporation will hold a Parol Making Contest, which will be open to all interested participants who wish to share their talents to the whole world!

While there may be various Christmas decorations that could be the subject of such a competition, BongBong’s has opted to focus on the parol, which symbolizes that huge shining star that guided the magi to the location of the Baby Jesus once upon a Holy Night.

Today, the parol is a reminder of the light that Jesus brought to the world. It is a ray of hope that indeed continues to flicker amidst the darkness and turmoil that confronts society.

So if you wish to share your talents and be among those who will illuminate the Christmas season, join the parol-making contest of BongBong’s.

An initial meeting will be held at the newly opened branch of BongBong’s Bacolod pasalubong products at 13th Lacson St. on November 21, 2014 (Friday).

Congratulations to BongBong’s For 30 Years of Sweet Success!


Palma Non Sine Pulvere (no reward without effort)

A big hurray to one name that gets to stand the test of time – BongBong’s Piaya and Barquillos! Yes, this proud company recently celebrated its 30th Anniversary, and it marked such a momentous occasion with the opening of another branch at 13th Lacson St. Bacolod City. From one single stall that gave birth to a name that carries the pride of Bacoleños, it is now among the most-respected pasalubong brands all over the Philippines, catering not only to the local market but also to the ever growing market nationwide.

The food industry is considered as one of the most volatile markets, but BongBong’s was able to weather the tough and competitive nature of the said field. Many players have come and gone. Some never got to reach 10 years, while there are others that simply didn’t even make it through 5 years. However, the love and dedication of the Villans to their brand has steered the company to heights that were much greater than what they have expected.

BongBong’s has not only shown the world what dedication and perseverance can achieve, but it has actually proved as an inspiration to many Filipino entrepreneurs to reach for their dreams, to do more, and to push themselves to the limit, because only then will they get to realize what stuff they are truly made of.

The opening of the 13th Lacson St. Branch is not only a mark of 30 years of success, but it is a symbol of a new and better beginning, a door to more opportunities. BongBong Villan Corporation has actually done so much for the past three decades of its existence and the residents of Bacolod, as well as the patrons of BongBong’s all over the country can only wait in anticipation of the surprises that the company has in store for all of them.

To BongBong’s, kudos! You did a truly great and wonderful job! Mabuhay and a perpetual toast to your continued success!

Ad Maiorem Gloriam Dei (For the greater glory of God!)

Masskara Festival 2014 in Bacolod – Partying All Night With BongBong’s


It was a really great Masskara celebration for BongBong’s Piaya and Barquillos! They truly knew how to define the essence of partying in Bacolod City.

BongBong’s set up their own stage at the Tourism Strip during the Masskara Festival. The stage was outfitted with the latest audio-visual equipment, which made every dance and song totally superb and appealing to . Really fantastic as they say! With foreigners and local tourists gathering around the stage, it simply denotes that the popularity of BongBong’s does not only extend to its delicacies, but also to other forms of art and entertainment.

BongBong’s also sponsored a dance contest, which gave huge cash prizes to winning teams. This further highlighted the goal of BongBong’s to reach out and give back to the community that has patronized BongBong’s products all throughout the years. There were six teams that participated and all of them were very happy at having joined such a momentous occasion. The teams were One Industry, B14 Crew, Kahilwayan Performing Arts, Kagayon Dance Troupe, Crazy Movers and After Class Crew.

The teams gave their best, showcasing colorful and attractive costumes. The steps and routines executed seem to have been trained by professional choreographers. And of course, thanks to the truly bombastic sound system, the teams had an absolutely great time and the crowd simply loved all of them.

The Villans were all beaming with pride and joy at what the company has reached after its humble beginnings in 1984. The love and dedication poured by the dynamic couple into the company has indeed paid off. With great leaders at the helm of the company, it will surely keep on climbing the ladder of success for years and years to come. You can surely expect more surprises from BongBong’s next year when it will again take the stage and lure the crowd of partygoers of the Masskara Festival.

Delicious Pastry with a Heart from Bacolod City’s Best Pasalubong Store


yummy pastry delicacies from the best pasalubong store in bacolod city, negros occidental, philippines – Bongbong’s Piaya and Barquillos

As soon as you have read the title, perhaps it’s a safe assumption that you are wondering that on earth do I mean by that. Before we go into the details, allow me to ask you a couple of questions. Have you tasted the pastry delicacies sold by famous brands in the Philippines? Did it ever occur to you that such brands are either too sweet or too bland for your taste? If you answer “YES” to both questions, then you might have been a victim of targeted advertisement by these huge brands. Continue reading